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 Our Benefits

Today, families are more stressed for time and financially strapped than ever before. Town and Country Foods is ready to help solve all those problems by providing a more convenient, economical, and healthy way to feed your family. Consider the benefits of our revolutionary T & C Home Food System, and you'll see why over 30,000 families in 5 states have become customers.

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 Social Responsibility

Family PictureTown and Country Foods believes that feeding families and changing the destinies of children around the world are the two most important things they can do. Learn More


About Town and Country Foods

Who We Are

Town and Country Foods is a high quality food provider and home delivery service.

Town and Country Foods offices in Centennial, Colorado

 Specifically we offer families a customized menu of a wide variety of premium, all natural meats, poultry, organic vegetables  and other gourmet and specialty foods. 

The company, which was started in 1993, is headquartered at 15558 E. Hinsdale Circle, Centennial, Colorado, 80112-4225.

We currently employ 50+ employees and have made a significant investment in a call center to listen to and to respond to our customer’s questions, problems and ideas. 

Our Customers

Town and Country Foods currently deliver to more than 40,000 families in five states: Colorado, Utah, Texas, Wyoming, and Arizona.

Our customers come from all walks of life, but they do have common characteristics:

  • Families with at least 2 people that eat at home at least 3 nights a week (or would if it was more convenient)
  • Are busy people that treasure their time and love the convenience of not having to shop for groceries or plan menus
  • Are extremely concerned about the quality of the food they eat
  • Eat a variety of foods and are
  • Concerned about the increasing cost of retail groceries

Our Products and Services

As mentioned above, the Town and Country Foods-system provides the home delivery of a wide menu of all-natural meats, organic vegetables, seafood, a variety of pastas and specialty items. 

The Quality of our Foods

Our meats include a variety of cuts of USDA 100% all-natural, grass fed and corn finished for the ideal combination of lean and fat that contributes to its outstanding taste. We provide beef, pork, lamb, buffalo, chicken and turkey. 

Town and Country Foods delivers to one of their 40,000 customersWe provide only wild seafood (versus farmed).If you’re wondering why that’s important it’s because farmed fish typically provide less usable beneficial omega 3 fats than wild fish and can also be exposed to antibiotics and to more concentrated pesticides. In fact a 2003 report from the Environmental Working Group showed that farmed salmon in the U.S. has the highest levels of PCBs. And a widely publicized study in the journal Science in January 2004 suggested that farmed Atlantic salmon had higher levels of PCBs and other toxics than wild Pacific salmon. This has gotten better over time, but as always, natural is definitely better.

In addition to our “certified organic vegetables” we also provide a wide choice of delicious desserts and specialty items. Our desserts range from chocolate cheese cake, to double-layer carrot cake to pecan pie. Our “specialty items” range from Buffalo wings to “cordon bleu” to “marinated tri-tip” and “Lobster ravioli”.  Imagine, never having to worry about what you’re going to cook for dinner. It’s all there in your freezer ready to be prepared to just simply heated.

We are also proud to serve ONLY American grown and raised company, products. As a locally owned and operated company we work only with hard working producers right here in the US.

Both the vegetables and the meats are flash-frozen to ensure retention of nutrients and to avoid using preservatives.

In fact, we so proud and confident of the quality of our food that we offer a try before you buy free food offer.  

Our Philosophy

In addition, caring about the environment and social responsibility is also important to Town and Country Foods. That’s why we take action to help.  Over its almost 20 years serving customers, the Company has been a strong supporter of a variety of charitable organizations.  Presently, Town and Country is an active supporter of two community organizations. One is the Denver A.C.T.S Resource Center and Food Shelter that helps the community take a stand against hunger, poverty and homelessness. Another is Cowboy Ted’s Foundation for Kids whose mission is to introduce young people to positive role models.  


 For more information or to learn about our free “try before you buy" - Free food Offer

Call: (800) 651-3663 or (303) 680-1000



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Caring about the environment is another important component of the T & C Home Food System.  Our system has the potential to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, reduce the amount of gasoline used, and reduce packaging waste.

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